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Tele/Walk Therapy

Janet Croteau, LMFT

Walk and Talk Therapy

Telephone Therapy

Get “unstuck” and more grounded as the nervous system unwinds while walking in nature.

Walk/Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy eases stress and helps promote relaxation and clear thinking. Some clients prefer a less formal setting and the natural world can often create a feeling of safety and comfort for those who resonate with a less professional environment.

Clients get “unstuck” and more grounded as the nervous system unwinds in nature. Walking during therapy can help shift heavy emotions. The body begins to relax, and the mind opens to insights that can change old patterns. Moving forward along the creek and under the redwood trees becomes a metaphor for walking forward in your life.

In addition to enhancing mood and bringing vitality, this experience can help unleash creativity and bring creative solutions to any difficulties you are experiencing in your life. Being in natures helps clients access a feeling of aliveness that can be a counterpoint to feelings of loss, grief, depression, and anxiety.

Clients who have been traumatized and adolescents who are active may also resonate with “walk and talk” therapy Trauma survivors often carry a lot of shame and may have created defenses and walls to protect themselves, so they feel safe and avoid pain.


 When direct face to face contact with a therapist proves unsettling, walking and talking can provide a safe outlet for their arousal and ease the intensity they might perceive in a traditional therapy setting. Active adolescents and people with attention-deficit disorders may also respond well to moving and walking as an alternative to sitting in an office.

60 and 90-minute walk and talk therapy sessions in Fall Creek State Park and Pogonip are available.

The 90-minute sessions begin in the Felton Office on the edge of the forest. We spend 15 minutes there and then walk into Fall Creek. Upon returning, we return the office for 10 or 15 minutes to complete the session.

60-minute walk and talk sessions begin and end at the edge of the Fall Creek forest or at the Pogonip Golf Club Drive entrance. The 60 minute walks do not include an office visit.


Tele-health video or phone sessions are available for clients for whom remote psychotherapy is needed or wanted.